Advanced Day Camps 2010

The ADVANCED DAY CAMP program is a key and ever-popular component of Lightning Soccer! This is an awesome camp for serious young soccer players. It is especially well-suited to players who are playing club soccer in premier clubs & beyond and strong players on town travel teams. It is also very appropriate for state & district ODP players as well as younger High School players seeking to make the step up to varsity. Coach Ferrigno works closely with BILL CARDWELL of the Northern Ireland Football Association & English FA Coach MATT WAINWRIGHT of the Nottingham Forest Academy on this camp.

Bill & Matt have been working for Lightning Soccer since 1996. In Ireland Bill has several affiliations including Cliftonville AFC and the Manchester United School of Excellence. Other prominent coaches at this level have included LINDA VERYARD of the English Football Association and Leyton Orient FC and ANTHONY HUGHES & GARETH ALLEN, both of the Northern Ireland Football Association and the Manchester United School of Excellence.




  • The camp is COED for players in Grades 5-12.
  • Note: 5th grade option. 5th graders can choose whether to participate in SoccerJuniors or the Advanced Camp. The majority of players at this age are best suited to SoccerJuniors but players with club experience and athletic dimensions might be find the Advanced Camp to be a better fit. Parents should keep in mind social considerations when choosing between the programs as well.
  • Note: By popular demand we are taking 11th & 12th graders on our day camps again. Although we do not expect huge numbers in these groups due to day jobs etc. it is clear that some players at this age prefer a less demanding option than an overnight camp.
  • All campers receive a T-shirt, ball & an evaluation at the end of the week.
  • The camp is divided into groups by grade.
  • There is an emphasis on decision-making in game situations, technical & tactical speed of play in a competitive yet fun environment.
  • The mission of the Advanced Camp is to create an elite training environment mentally & physically to reach the next level.
  • The program is geared towards players who aim and aspire to compete at higher levels of play, such as varsity, premier club, ODP & College.
  • Evaluation forms will be handed out at the end of camp to provide a written reminder on what is needed to advance to the next level.
  • The camp will be excellent preseason preparation for the forthcoming fall season.
  • We have been conducting an advanced program on the Lightning Camps for about 15 years. Whilst we strive to make the Advanced Day Camp a little more intense than a typical soccer camp program we have not lost site of the fact that the program still needs to be fun & enjoyable for young soccer players. Our staff are flexible enough to handle different ability levels & ensure that the week ends with both a smile on the face and a sense of accomplishment. This camp program is designed to help players reach the next level but is always aware of the needs of the particular player.