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  • “We are in a moment of growth.”

Roberto Olabe sees the Real in an “extraordinary “”moment to keep “”evolving”” and believes they have great “”condiments” to “”thrill”” people.

He does not like to talk about the first, second or third project because Roberto Olabe understands a football club as something alive, “unfinished” and assures that “the vision of the club does not end on September 2nd” because a “market “has been closed. But, without wishing to describe it as a balance of the market, the director of football of La Real gave yesterday his particular vision of what happened during the last months and explained what the guidelines that guide his actions are.

Although, in general, he has met the goals of entrances and departures that were set before the beginning of the summer, Olabe says that “”it will be difficult for me to feel comfortable,”” but considers that “”we have players” for now”” to continue to deepen and find our team.””

He believes that the club is “in a moment of absolute growth “, he says that he has not sought the rejuvenation of the staff, but has turned out that the conditions they needed to improve the group have been found in young players and that he has managed to get the staff to evolve, above all, to” level of explosive force and speed”.

He understands that he has endowed the coach, whom he considers “elite,” with the resources necessary to ” thrill, passion people. That must be our goal.” Above and beyond being in Europe, it considers this a consequence. To say that we have Europe as our objective makes us lose sight of the importance of day by day and I believe in day by day.” That is where he wants to perceive ambition, training, and constant improvement.

  • Aduriz does not understand friendly

Just because it’s Aduriz’s senior year as a football player doesn’t mean he’s going down the piston in a close. Its competitiveness has brought it to the highest levels within the Athletic and will keep it to the end. He has not been a starter in the first three league days, but he has already made it clear that his goal is to play as long as possible. And he wants to make things difficult for Gaizka Garitano. In case the work of art signed in front of Barça was not enough, Aduriz took advantage of the duel against the Toulouse to continue running as a real alternative at the tip of Lanza.

The Lions had to row against the current due to the early goal of the Violet paint. Kenan Kodro exercised at the middle-end, doing the dirty work to 20 on the pressure. It is essential to dose and chooses efforts well. It is something that Aduriz has also stressed. For moments, for example, like the one that arrived at a quarter of an hour in an Ibai Center. The battering ram failed to connect with the ball, perhaps the sun bothered him somewhat, and went to Goicoechea’s hands.

Its competitiveness has brought it to the highest levels within the Athletic and will keep it to the end, even in the friendly ones.

  • “We opened the door for Pardo.”

Rubén Pardo will remain in the Real at least until December, even though his contract expires in 2020. Olabe explained that “we opened the door to a possible exit for Ruben.”He claims that” he has been the player who has most times gone up to tell me’ Rober no game, I want out, let me out,’” but this time when the Real one was interested in him leaving, he has not disappeared. The football director explained how the talk with Rincón de Soto went: “”the conversation was this: ‘we are not going to repeat situations that have occurred.’ The club has only had two proposals for Rubén, Girondins, and America of Mexico. Has not wanted to leave”, he concluded.”