Top 10 Richest Soccer Teams

Deloitte has published the Twenty-First Edition of the Deloitte Football Money League report, which analyses the ranking of the wealthiest clubs in the world. The report focuses on the ability of clubs to generate revenue from activities on game days –including the sale of tickets and packages of a hospitality-rights issue –both in leagues local to European competitions – and trade activities –sponsorships, merchandising, tours of the stadium and other operations.

Although in the top 20 of wealthiest clubs, we find old acquaintances of the five major European leagues, this year, the participation and performance in UEFA competitions have been critical to the changes of ranking positions. Southampton FC, which has seen its revenues skyrocketed thanks to allowances, debuts in the rankings, while Everton and Napoli are again part of the top 20.

The battle for the first position of the ranking this year has been the most competitive of the history of the report, with a difference of 1.7 M € between Manchester United and Real Madrid, first and second, respectively. Revenues generated by the top 20 clubs in this year’s ranking have also hit a record, reaching 7.9 billion, 6% more than last year.

The wealthiest football clubs in the world

  1. Manchester United 676.3 M€

Although the Europa League has historically been conceived as a minor competition compared to the Champions League, the club’s revenue from winning this competition (€44.5 M) has been decisive in keeping it in the first place.

  1. Real Madrid 674.6 M€

After being dethroned from top 2 of the ranking last year, for the first time since the 2002/03 season, Real Madrid regains this position by beating its maximum rival, FC Barcelona. With a difference of only€ 1.7 m compared to Manchester United, the performance of the two teams in the various competitions, and especially in the Champions League, will determine the classification of next year’s Football Money League.

  1. FC Barcelona 648.3 M€

Although their overall revenues have increased by 5% compared to last year, the Catalan team is down to third place in the ranking. The club’s Rebroadcast revenue has risen by 12.2 m€ as a result of the impact of the new Spanish regulations for the centralized sale of broadcasting rights.

  1. Bayer Munich 585.8 M€

For the fifth consecutive year, Bayern Munich remains in the top 5 of the ranking despite having decreased its revenues by € 4M (1%) compared to the previous report. It should be noted that the Bavarian club is the one that generates the most income from commercial activities in the world.

  1. Manchester City 527.7 M€

The English team is in fifth place for the second consecutive year. The impact of the Premier League’s broadcasting rights and the new trade agreements have increased the club’s revenues by more than€65M.

  1. Arsenal 487.6 M€

The London team climbed to the sixth place in the ranking, mainly due to the new Premier League retransmission agreements that have reported about € 160M. Although the club has failed to qualify for this year’s Champions League, the Europa League may be its catalyst for further uplifting.

  1. Paris Saint-Germain 486.2 M€

The French team ranks down by 7% compared to last year. The poor results in the Champions League and not having won League 1 have reduced their bonuses, received from commercial sponsors. However, the bookings made by the club this year make clear their intentions to regain their superiority in the different competitions.

  1. Chelsea 428M€

He remains in eighth place after winning the Premier League. However, not having contested any UEFA competition has led to a drop in his income.

  1. Liverpool 424.2 M€

It remains in ninth place for the fourth consecutive year. The opening of the new space in Anfield has increased its revenues on match days by 21%.

  1. Juventus 405.7 M€

The old Lady holds the tenth position of the Football Money League for the fourth year, after a season in which she has become the first team to win the series six times in a row. Also, his excellent performance in the Champions League has increased his income by 20%.

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